Product Design Services

Got an idea ?
 We’ll help you bring it to life !
Rotational Moulding is a highly versatile process that allows for virtually unlimited design possibilities. Our design team makes sure to check the product for its engineering design, ergonomics, functionality and utility.
Our In-house Virtual Prototype Tests allow you to reduce the product development cycle and introduce new products early into the market.
CAE ( Computer Aided Engineering ) tools are used to analyse the robustness and performance of components and assemblies. It includes simulation, validation, and/or optimization.

Some of the questions to be asked, while analysing the product/ component /system are :

What is the nature of load during Product Life Cycle ?
  • Continuous and uniform OR non-uniform
  • Static / Dynamic/ Impact / Fatigue etc
What do you term as ‘failure’ ?
  • Is stiffness / rigidity important ?
(i.e. minimum deformation under given load)
  • Is strength essential ?
(for maximum tolerance of loads before fracture)
  • Factor of Safety considerations ?
  • How critical the component is
( consequences of engineering failure )
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Knowledge of material properties, residual stresses.
  • Knowledge of the loads.
  • Weight factor.
  • Quality control.
  • Unknown stresses in the manufacturing process and its characteristics.
  • The cost of over engineering the component to achieve certain factor of safety.
Typical Stress and Displacement Plots