Custom Moulding

Rotational Moulding is a wonderful process for protype development for any of your ambitious projects. In case you are new to the process, we can help you develop new products before you decide to make a greater commercial commitment with resources and finance.
Step : 1


Our Rotomolding product concept designers can create 3-D models of a product based upon the initial discussions with customer. The model is then provided to the customer for input or approval. This iterative process continues until the customer approves the final design.

Some of the important questions to consider :
  • Who will use a product?
  • How will it be used?
  • How often will the product be used ?
  • In what environmental conditions will it be used ?
  • How will the installation procedure or regular maintenance procedures effect the product design ?
  • How can we lower the cost for logistics by refining the product design ?
  • Are there any regulatory requirements ?
Step : 2


The quality of a mould determines the quality of the product that it produces. If you don’t have a good quality mould, then your product can never be of good quality. Our mould fabrication team will produce the finest quality mould that your application demands.

Step : 3


Our manufacturing team works together to apply the best resources available to manufacture a product. Well trained machine operators will be assigned based upon their knowledge and experience with a particular process. This ensures that your products are produced using the best resources available. The result is the highest quality product possible.

Step : 4


Finishing can include parting line trimming, surface polishing, cutting, assembling, installing additional components, additional graphics, welding and foaming to name a few.

Step : 5


We will document the right procedures and practices for you to develop your own team and make the products in your own production facility in future.

Step : 6


The product specifications are not complete until decisions are made regarding product packaging and shipping. It is very important to define how the product will be packaged and shipped. After product finishing, wrapping, packaging and palletizing procedures are performed, products are ready for shipment.


Best Quality control practices continue to be applied as per the industry norms which continue to be refined at each step throughout the process.