MPU Series Pulverisers

The polymer pellets must be reduced to a much smaller particle size, for which we recommend our MPU Series of Pulverisers. This is necessary to obtain good heat transfer from the mould to the powder. It also improves the flow of the particles during melting.

M PLAST Pulverizers are designed to meet the most demanding requirements and conform to the highest engineering standard. These Pulverizers are meant for tough and reliable operation round the clock. All Rotating members are dynamically balanced for long trouble-free performance.

The MPU Series Pulverizers are high speed precision grinders for pulverizing, medium hard, impact resistant and friable materials. Typical applications are the Pulverization of PVC, PE, PC and other temperature sensitive materials. The material to be pulverized is introduced through the centre of the grinding disc and pushed outwards by the centrifugal foce between stator and a rotary disc. 

A power suction unit system draws off the material below the mill and cools it intensively. After separation by a cyclone the materal falls into a screening machine which is adopted to the special requirement of plastic material to allow efficient and effective performance.

Standard Equipments
  • Grinding mill with drive motor
  • Magnetic vibro feeder
  • Feed hopper
  • Pneumatic conveying system with motorised blower
  • Air lock valve with drive motor
  • Dust collector

  • Vibro screen with drive motor
  • Complete support structure
  • Electrical Control Panel

Compounding Extruder

MPLAST’s high performance compounding extruder MPI Series allows you mix virgin plastic LLDPE/ LDPE with additives to give plastic compounds. The feeds may be pellets or powder while end product is comes out in pellet form.

LLDPE raw material with suitable masterbatch is fed in to the barrel cylinder through a hopper. The barrel is preheated by heating zones . The rotating screw pushes the material towards die end to obtain a uniform and homogenized plastics melt. The screw is rotated by suitable AC motor coupled with heavy duty gearbox. The plastics strands extruded from die, get cooled while traveling through water cooling tank and are fed into high speed Pelletiser unit . The Pelletizer cuts the strands into desired size of pellets which can be collected in to storage silos. These pellets may further be taken up for Pulverization.

Various controls are housed in a Control Panel. The cabinet houses various controls including:
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Ammeter with select switch
  • Temperature Scanner
  • Variable Speed A.C. Drive
  • Other necessary electrical components such as fuse units / MCB., Contactors, Relays, Push Buttons, Indicating Lamps, Voltmeter etc

Turbo Mixer

Turbo Mixer is suitable for mixing polymers and other ingredients. It consists of Stainless Steel Vessel, Mixing Tool, a Pneumatic discharge control cabinet and other accessories.

MIXING VESSEL: 5mm thick Stainless Steel Vessel having outer jacket fabricated from 6 mm thick plate, top cover lid is fabricated having various openings for material feeding. Complete vessel is mounted on heavy cast iron bearing housing on sturdy frame of fabricated steel structure.

BEARING HOUSING: Bearing Housing is fitted directly on the frame below the vessel housing main device shaft with two nos. of ball bearings. Resin leakage to bearing is prevented by mechanical rotary shaft seal and gasket.

MIXING TOOL: Four/Six blades of stainless steel dynamically balanced to avoid vibration, mounted on the main shaft driven by a motor.

DRIVE: A.C. Motor (Single Speed) drives the main shaft.

ELECTRIAL EQUIPMENTS: All controls are mounted in a combined switching control. It includes Ammeter, Voltmeter, Temperature Indicator with Thermocouple, starter for drive motor and other electrical equipments.

Scrap Grinder

Scrap Grinder is used for Recycling of rejected Moulded Products. The rejected Products are cut into pieces and ground in order to reuse.

HOUSING: The main housing is fabricated of heavy mild steel plates & section in two parts. The top cover has hinged type openable arrangement for cleaning and is adjusted by bolts. A screen is fitted at the lower part of the housing which can be taken out easily for cleaning.

ROTOR: Dynamically balanced rotor made from alloy steel which ensures fast grinding and good output. The Rotor blades are of alloy steel, hardened & ground for long life.

BLADES: All the stationary and rotating blades are made of alloy steel, hardened and ground for long life. The blades cutting angle is such, which accepts even lumps for grinding.

DRIVE: 1440 RPM 50 Cycle A.C.Motor Drives the main rotor shaft. Transmission from motor to drive shaft is via 'V' Pulley and belts.

HOPPER: Hopper is fabricated from mild steel sheet. This is designed in such a way that ground particles do not come out from the hopper side.